Renovation Ministries enables people to discover and live from their true identity, value and significance and to grow in their relationships with each other and God.

During Renovation Trainings, the concepts we teach are always combined with an experience or exercise to reinforce what was taught.  We provide opportunities for reflection, interaction, and discussion so that you can learn from each other and from your coaches.

(Latin: renovare)
1. To make new again.
2. To revive, restore, renew.



Before we can build anything new, we must identify the old non-functional parts and remove them. We’ve got to tear down the walls. We may even need to go all the way down to the footings and remove those things that are not solid. During this time things can get messy. The false beliefs in our lives and their resulting behaviors are the things we need to identify and demolish.


Whatever we build together is only as good as the foundation upon which it rests. The critical truths that are essential to living a meaningful and joy-filled life are the foundations upon which we must build.


During construction we need a Blueprint, some materials, and some tools. We are going to make sure you have those things. Then, as we take a look at who we were truly created to be, we are going to build a structure that is congruent with it. Construction can be a bit messy too as we are learning how to follow the Blueprint and use the tools.


When we build, we don’t just want to build a utilitarian structure like a cinder block warehouse. We want to build a structure that is both functional and beautiful, that gives life to everything around it. Then we are going to live in it for a bit and celebrate what we have created.