Have you ever stopped to take a look at your life and ask yourself what’s working? What’s not working? We live in a culture that is continually trying to define our identity, value, and significance for us. What would it be like for you to know who you are and what you are worth? What if you gave yourself 5 days to answer these questions and find out? We believe that knowing these answers will enable you to live an extraordinary and joy-filled life!

We don't do boring!

The cost for this 5-day, life-changing opportunity is $320.

Meals & lodging included.  Location: Boise Bible College - Boise, ID

June 26-30, 2024


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What Is Teen Renovation?

Think of it as a sports camp, but for life skills instead of athletics.

Teen Renovation is a 5-day Christian faith-based adventure to help teens discover their true identity, value, and significance. During this experiential training, teens will participate in a process involving various exercises, activities, and open group dialogue to enhance growth as principles are caught rather than just taught. The curriculum is comprehensive and will encourage teens to examine and evaluate their physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of their lives. Teens will also be given an opportunity to explore their thoughts on God, hear about what Christians or followers of Christ believe, and respond however they choose. There will be no pressure to conform. We believe understanding who we are created to be will not only give us confidence, it will enable us to build healthy relationships that will profoundly impact how we live out our lives.

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  • Overnight Accommodations

  • Healthy Meals & Snacks

  • 1:2 Leader To Trainee Ratio

    Opportunities for one-on-one conversation and mentorship during the training

  • 24 Hour Supervision

  • Program Materials

    Renovation Worksheet Folder, Parting Packet, & Activity Supplies.

  • Unique & Challenging Growth Excercises

  • New Skills & Perspectives

  • Enduring Friendships

  • 5 Days of Life-Changing Opportunities

Here’s What Some
Former Trainees
Have to Say…

"Teen Renovation was one of the hardest but best moments of my life. I learned who I was in the eyes of God and I learned that I didn't have to hide who I was. If anyone is in need of a change of any kind, I would definitely tell them that Teen Renovation is their best option."

"This is truly a life changing experience. I just went through the program and came out with a group of supportive, close friends. This program can change any life for the better if you are willing... this program has something to offer for everyone. The leaders are all committed, caring, and kind. I would advise anyone in the age range to go, because if you go into it willing to grow, you will come out of it encouraged and prepared for life."

"If you're looking for real, I definitely recommend Teen Renovation. It helped me find my identity and has made me much more confident in myself. Also, it has helped me appreciate the people around me. I am thankful and full of joy that I made the decision to be apart of this training. I feel more confident in myself and my future because of this training"

Program Mission

Enabling youth to discover and live from their true identity, value, and significance.

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