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  • Intentional Time to Connect With Your Spouse

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Take the Challenge!

Take the Challenge!

Have you ever stopped to take a look at your marriage and ask yourself what’s working? What’s not working? Have you ever wondered why you often find yourselves repeatedly engaging in the same patterns? Would you like to simply be friends? Or, perhaps you’d like to grow deeper in intimacy? You entered into marriage as individuals who were shaped by two very different life experiences. What would it be like to understand your unique identity and purpose as a couple? What if you gave yourself 4 days to answer these questions and find out? We believe that knowing these answers will enable you to live an extraordinary and joy-filled life together!

What Is Marriage Renovation?

Marriage Renovation is a 4-day adventure to grow in intimacy with your spouse and God through an experience based learning process. Our comprehensive program is designed to engage you intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually at the highest possible levels, both individually and relationally. We combine brief instruction followed by various exercises and activities that promote self-discovery and reinforce the concepts that are being taught. Small and large group interaction allows you to experience the importance of community and enables the group to learn from each other. We will focus on the foundational principles for establishing and maintaining a healthy and intimate marriage.  


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Why Marriage Renovation?

Because you want to learn and grow in your friendship and intimacy with your spouse and God. You are not satisfied with simply meeting each other's needs. You are a couple who understands that marriage offers something far greater and more meaningful. Because you want your life journey together to be characterized by living for a purpose that is greater than yourselves individually.

Here's what some former attendees have to say...

Marriage Renovation is an excellent break from the rush of life when I sometimes take my marriage for granted. The time with Sharon, Greg and the other married couples gave me new insights into how my wife and I can thrive instead of just subsist. The Renovation process is proof positive that an intentional decision to focus on my marriage can provide real hope.  ~  Greg L.
We have been married for almost 17 years and have 4 children. The Marriage Renovation Weekend was only 4 days and yet in that time my husband and I grew exponentially in our communication skills, in the vision for our relationship and in our passion for one another and in developing a deeper connection. The cost of the weekend is pennies compared to the investment that we made to ourselves and our family! ~ Megan F.

Our Mission

Enabling couples to grow in intimacy with each other and God.