Teen Renovation is a 5-day, 4-night training program designed to help teenagers discover their real identity and significance in a culture that continually confuses both.  Establishing these values is critically important and empowers them to make life affirming choices.  Understanding who they are and that they have a purpose enables them to live an extraordinary and joy-filled life!

The curriculum is holistic in its approach and will encourage trainees to examine and evaluate the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of their life.  Teen Renovation is faith-based and the lead trainers who conduct the training share a common Christian world-view.  The trainees will be invited to address and explore their thoughts on God and spiritual matters; however, they will not be pressured to conform to any particular view.

The method used for this program is experiential (hands-on) and trainees will be encouraged to participate in a process involving various exercises, activities, and open group dialog.  This approach enhances growth as principles are caught rather than just taught.  Trainees will be required to stay together as a group during the entire event (including nights). Many opportunities for processing and reflection happen after the daily sessions. The momentum gained each day can be disrupted if the trainee returns to their normal environment.

The targeted age group for this program is teens who are between 15 and 19 years of age.

The targeted group size for this program is 24 trainees.  Limiting the group size allows us to ensure that each trainee is given the personal attention that they deserve.

The application process includes the completion of a registration packet. Teens can register online, or print a registration packet and mail it to our address. After the staff has received and reviewed the registration form, a decision will be made about whether this training would be a good fit for them at this time.  Also, a parent/guardian will be contacted by phone and interviewed prior to registration acceptance.  Our goal is to ensure that each trainee is a willing participant and that the overall group composition is balanced.  The heart behind this policy is to assure that the training will be a great experience for each teen attending.

The Cost for Teen Renovation varies depending on the location of the training. Our desire is to keep training costs as low as possible. Though we want trainees to be invested in this process, we do not want finances to be a barrier. Click here for the updated training details.

Adult supervision will be present during the training at all times.  All Teen Renovation staff will be required to have a background check and a thorough interview before serving in a training event. Most of our staff are experienced youth leaders who have faithfully served in Christian ministries. All of our staff are passionate about helping teens to grow and thrive.