A 5-day life-changing opportunity for teens ages 15-19

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Marriage Renovation

A 4-day marriage-enriching program

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Formation Renovation

A 6-day (2 consecutive weekends) life-transforming opportunity for disciples of Jesus

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Our Mission

Enabling people to discover and live
from their true identity, value, and significance,
and to grow in their relationships with
each other and God.

Our Purpose

Renovation Ministries exists for the purpose of whole life transformation:

(Mental, Emotional, Physical, Relational, Spiritual)

We do this by providing training programs that address many of the deepest needs of the human heart.

Who am I?
What is my purpose?
How can I change my behaviors?
How can I experience healthy relationships with others?

What is Renovation?

Renovation is an experience based learning process. We combine brief instruction followed by various exercises and activities that promote self-discovery and reinforce the concepts that are being taught. Small and large group interaction allows us to practice the tools we are learning and gives us an opportunity to learn from each other and to understand how others experience us.


Marriage Renovation:
"I can't tell you how much this training has helped us grow closer, see each other in different lights, and find freedom we didn't know we needed to move into the next season of our lives.
If your marriage hasn't been in a great place or it has and you want to grow closer together as a couple, then I highly encourage this program.
We gained some amazing relationships that we never thought we would in just 4 days."
- Josh & Ashley

Formation Renovation:

"Formation Renovation is exceptional for anyone looking for spiritual growth and transformation in their Christian journey. I now have a much better understanding of discipleship and better perspective of my own identity and purpose. The course content has great breadth and depth of tools and topics, wide variety of experiential training methods, with active participation to make this a fun and very meaningful experience. Renovation Ministries has great staff, coaching assistants and inspired leaders with significant experience, knowledge and hard work, creativity, and care to make your experience very meaningful. This was so interesting, engaging, and fun! I highly recommended this training."


Teen Renovation:

"All 3 of my kids have gone to this and came back so much more confident and authentic in who they are! Set aside time & GO!"


Formation Renovation:
"Formation Renovation is a journey that can change your life! If you want to be challenged to grow in your walk with God and be set free from unhealthy habits and negative thinking, this is for you.
I’m thankful for experiencing personal transformation myself."

Marriage Renovation:

"What a way to rock our world and our marriage. It was just the right amount of focus on us and connection with other married couples."


Teen Renovation:

"Teen Renovation is an experience like no other. It changed my life both as a trainee and as an instructor and I would recommend this training to any teen who thinks that they need a little help in life and especially to those who think they dont!" 


Marriage Renovation:
"That weekend was so refreshing for me and for us. Couples were honest and open and gave it 100%. We all grew with each other. I love the 'not taking notes of things to do or not to do approach'. Instead we all chose to be and experience and become intentional with our lifelong companion.
Thank you!"

Teen Renovation:

"Most amazing and life changing thing I have ever experienced."


Marriage Renovation:

"The communication tools we received at Marriage Renovation was a game changer! Also to know who we are in Christ and as a couple that gives us confidence. Thank you for all the time and prayer devoted to this program. I highly recommend it no matter what state your marriage is in! Good or bad!"


Teen Renovation:

"If you're looking for real, I definitely recommend Teen Renovation. It helped me find my identity and has made me much more confident in myself. Also, it has helped me appreciate the people around me. I am thankful and full of joy that I made the decision to be apart of this training. I feel more confident in myself and my future because of this training. The leaders are so real and are very helpful. Thank you Coach Greg, Coach Sharon, and all of the CA's who played such a big role in changing my life for the better. No problem is too big and it's never too late! So, go to Teen Renovation because it's definitely for you."


Teen Renovation:

"These last 5 days will be ones I never forget in my entire life. Teen Renovation has truly changed me and empowered me to become the man God created me to be! I would recommend Teen Renovation for anyone and everyone. It's worth it!"




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